Lost in Space

Columbia: Aftermath

Once in a while we come across some events that reach deep into our hearts and make us cry out ‘Why?’. The answers are not easy and take time.

One fine Saturday morning, when most of the country was fast asleep, many not even aware that there was a mission in progress, and that, the Columbia Spacecraft was scheduled to return to earth after a successful mission. Columbia was the first ever shuttle to fly in April of 1981. After 27 successful missions, it was destroyed during reentry on Feb 1.

It caught all of us unaware and brought forth again the dangers of human space flight. But are we to give up now after coming this far?  NASA needs all our support now more than ever, if we have to make all our dreams true!

In dedication and gratitude to the seven crew members who risked their lives and perished when Columbia burnt in the upper atmosphere on Feb 1, 2003. To Rick Husband Colonel in USAF & test pilot; William C McCool Commander in US Navy & former test pilot; Michael P Anderson, Captain in US Navy, Naval Aviator and Flight Surgeon; Kalpana Chawla, Aerospace Engineer & CFI; Lauren Blair Commander in US Navy & Naval Flight Surgeon; Ilan Ramon Colonel in Israel Air Force & Fighter Pilot.

May they rest in peace!

Note: This appeared in the February 2003 Slipstream, the Newsletter of the SLO99s

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