Weather and me

Everyone have their demons.

Some people are afraid of flying.  They rather prefer to drive, stuck in traffic for hours than get on an aircraft. Period. There is  SOAR,  fear of flying program that includes DVDs for people with fear of flying. The term used to describe this is Aviophobia.

There are others afraid of severe weather flying. Severe weather phobia is defined as a debilitating,  unreasonable fear of severe weather. Severe weather being severe thunderstorms or Tornadoes. Maybe I have it, Maybe not!

For me flying has always been about: clear blue skies, no SIGMETs, no AIRMETS, not a thunderstorm in sight days. California flying does that to you. With it’s pristine beauty, 365 days of perfect flying, couldn’t ask for a better day or better scenery.

If I ventured outside the box it was because I could and it was because I could practice my skills: see Chasing Clouds, or because I had my reliable, favorite instructor on board: see Night and Actual. Or maybe I was flying to the greatest destination on earth: see New York, NY or From the Right Seat or maybe it was worth it to challenge the weather: see Island Hopping in the Keys.

Everyone have their demons. Mine is thunderstorms in the forecast, which unfortunately happens to be daily in the forecast in the east coast. That fear of flying; I know atleast one person who conquered  it by learning to fly (it’s you Cynthia). I am learning to overcome this discomfort of tackling thunderstorms and snow in the forecast: it’s early but I know I can defeat them!

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