Fast Boats, Slow Planes

No Quake Zone

I gripped the support tightly lest I fly off. Sitting on the bow, is an extraordinary experience.  Riding the waves at some 30 miles an hour is almost like riding a roller coaster.  I could feel the excitement in the pit of my stomach, as we rode out another huge wave. Whoa what a ride!

To think I almost didn’t make it.

The whole week had been dreary. Lee slowly crept  up the coast all week long bringing rain, flooding, power outages, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. The initial forecast for Saturday looked bleak, with 60% chance of thunderstorms. This had fluctuated all week long. Miraculously everything aligned. Saturday was going to be a glorious day for flying.

Debbie and Norm were already down at Lake Anna in their beautiful and elegantly furnished vacation home. Linda and I had an uneventful flight down south. Though the flight was short, we chose flight following to avoid any unnecessary hassles with popup TFRs.

Though the sun was shining brightly, it was hazy. Having done most of my flying in CA where the hills are dry and mostly brown in summer, Virginia landscape always amazes me. Lush green hills, blue of the lakes and rivers, cumulonimbus clouds looming around building through the day, preparing to drench the thirsty earth bringing some relief from the fierce heat. The haze blurred the horizon, lowering visibility. But the air was smooth, as Linda and I made it in good time to 7W4. The airwaves were silent and despite lack of short field practice in recent months, I landed on first attempt, taxiing back to tie down the aircraft. Despite the glorious day and the incredible scenery, we were the sole aircraft flying in to Lake Anna.

Within minutes, Debbie was there to pick us up to chauffeur us over to her delightful vacation home on the lake. After a tour of the house, we headed on out to her private dock, to board her boat. Debbie’s home was about midway, closer to the south end of the lake. We raced up-lake, riding the waves, past the Lake Anna State Park to Hunter’s Landing to No Wake Zone, a lake view restaurant with free docking, and access to the fuel pump. The restaurant had outside seating facing the lake. Misty sprinklers lined the fence edges, bringing relief from the heat and keeping out the mosquitoes.

No Wake Zone has a varied menu of salads, sandwiches, steaks, seafood, Italian and Mexican cuisine. While the fried pickles were a delightful appetizer to kickoff off the meal and the chocolate smoothie was a refreshing culmination of the meal on a hot summer day, I was less enthusiastic about my choice of the taco salad as entree. I have definitely eaten better ones! Although, my friends were quite happy with their choice of chicken sandwich and fish. The margaritas are supposed to be excellent. After a relaxing meal, we headed back down river back in the boat.  Riding on the bow is an awesome experience!

Next time we really should try a little swimming, canoeing, jet skiing or just simply basking in the sun on the deck chairs lazily. Lake Anna is an incredibly scenic, peaceful (despite the recent earthquake it appears pristine) and fun filled $500 hamburger getaway!

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