Williamsburg (JGG)

My first recollections of this historical place dates back several years ago when I visited Busch Gardens with college friends. That was a memorable trip that will always be fresh in my mind.

It was supposed to be a partly sunny, but a beautiful fall Saturday. But of course when has the weather forecast been accurate? It was overcast at 4000 ft at HEF and there were scattered to overcast skies along the way. Being instrument current I was less worried about that.  My friend, Laith and I, set off for the 99s flyout to Williamsburg (JGG) with anticipation and excitement. With terrain not a factor, we flew in content at 2500 ft. There were dashes of color in the trees sometimes purple, at times orange, rendering the landscape in vibrant hues. The partly cloudy skies, with the sun peeking in between, the rays of sunlight striking the still fresh green earth, the lakes and rivers in startling blue colors all presented the most amazing landscape along the way.

The journey down to Williamsburg was uneventful and surprisingly we were the first ones to arrive.  Definitely need some practice with those short field landings! Charly’s on the field is a delightful restaurant for that $500 vegeburger. The skies were almost clear in JGG, and the day was nicely warming up. Pat and Tham had followed us in to JGG, following the corridor down south from GAI. There was much talk on whether you stay to the right or left of the three buildings. The dc99s grabbed the outside seating at Charly’s with views of the runway and waited for the arrival of Debbie and Norm. We narrowly missed the Flying Friends of Fairfax who had to abandon their plans to fly to Niagara Falls and instead ended up in JGG.

Excellent food, excellent company and some fun hanger flying later, it was time to depart.

We retraced our path, back to FLUKY and thence into HEF.  All in all was a marvelous dc99s fly-out to Williamsburg. If you have never been there, you ought to visit historic Williamsburg, Jamestown and York.  Virginia abounds in rich history and there is no end to it here.

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