Flight for Control: A Review

With a prologue reminiscent of the Colgan Air crash a few years ago at Buffalo International Airport in extreme weather conditions of low visibility, icing and winds, Flight for Control, races ahead unfolding mystery and intrigue.

At the outset the protagonist might appear to be a simple, plain house wife, whose life revolves around her husband and two children, with no worldly experience. But with 10 years prior experience at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) conducting investigations into aircraft accidents, she is the perfect choice to have on your side when aircraft are crashing from the sky and no one knows why.

The time frame is very similar to our contemporary times: post 911 with the downtime in economy, the struggling airlines, furloughs, overworked pilots, fatigue, airline unions and homeland security. The first crash scene brings back nightmare memories of the 911 crashes and there is even a water landing only this time in the Puget Sound to parallel a similar Hudson River landing by Sullenberger. Starting from page one we are thrust into drama, mystery and intrigue.

It has been a while since I have picked a book that captivated my attention so much that I couldn’t put it down till I had read the very last page and word. At least not since Dick Francis have I found a book that has enthralled me so much. I am happy to have another author that I can look forward to reading and eagerly awaiting her next book!

If you are a pilot or involved  with aviation in any way it is a must read. In fact it is a must read for anyone. The book description asks “Your life is in your pilot’s hands. Do you know who’s flying your plane?” After reading this thriller you might just wonder that next time you board a flight.

Flight for Control is the first mystery thriller by Karlene Pettit. The book is available as a hardback, paperback or kindle edition. You can follow Karlene on her blog Flight to Success or on Twitter.

Special note from Karlene (3/25/2012):

“Next week I am spending the full week (or two) shouting about my book. And…anyone who buys a book and puts the link, or shows they bought it on a blog that is shouting about the book, then I will enter them in a drawing for me to travel to their home country and do a book signing with their friends. Every book purchased gets an entry. ”

Purchase the novel by clicking here: Flight For Control

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  1. Karlene March 24, 2012 / 4:27 am

    This is so wonderful. Thank you very much for the great review. And I’m very glad you liked it!


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