O Shenandoah!

The weather this year has been marvelous so far. Winter almost non existent. Who could have expected 70’s in March even before the official start of spring? Unlike previous years, the dc99s were off to a good start to the flying season. Spring not here and already two flyouts accomplished. Quite unlike the last two years.

The day dawned, hazy with fog over much of the Shenandoah Valley. But clearing slowly but surely. Ted and I departed Manassas, on a sunny,calm but hazy Saturday. It was Ted’s first cross country flight since his check ride last December. Clouds and haze still hugged the rugged Shenandoah mountains, as we traced our way west and then south looking for a dip in the ridge to cross over to the Valley. Landing at the airport,we awaited the arrival of the other aircraft that had departed from FDK. It truly was a glorious day for flying!

Shenandoah Airport boasts a nice long runway and even a newly renovated cafe on the field that only operates during the week. So much for that $100 (or $500 dollar hamburger). I give it a -1 (hamburger) rating for staying closed on  the weekends!

Once Debbie and Carol arrived, the four of us set off in the courtesy car to the Wood Fired Oven, an Italian restaurant in the nearest town of Grottoes. The menu had many choices ranging from pizza, calzones, pasta, sandwiches and salads.  And each of these categories offered a vegetarian choice. Definitely I give it four hamburger stars!

After a sumptuous meal and plenty of hanger flying, talking of topics ranging from politics, war, religion, technology and everything else, it was time to head back to the airport and the return flight back home. It was Ted’s turn to fly. We retraced our steps, flying north up the valley, before sneaking across a dip in the ridge over to the east. The flight back was a breeze and  Ted had his first successful cross country to boast about 🙂

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