I Speak Pilot 2 :-)

“It was an open cockpit car. In those days they did not have as much security as now,” I said. It was the day after inauguration and my co-worker and I were discussing the pomp and ceremony and the day long activities. Something did not sound right. It took me all of a minute before I saw the light bulb come on. I grinned widely. My co-worker hadn’t commented on it as well. I suppose when you are in the business it feels normal 🙂


I do this so often. It feels natural to me.

“It’s holding! we have have to wait till it’s done,” said I on another occasion. Holding? I could feel the muscles relax into a smile as I realized what I had said. More like my computer screen was frozen as we waited for the application to revive itself.

Do you keep your car hangered or maybe you drive hanger to hanger? How often have you done this? When you live, breathe and speak aviation, it is perpetual and perfectly natural. In fact I love that there is always a parallel to everything and I can equate an aviation phrase for every day things without thinking or conscientious effort.

Or maybe you associate the brake or accelerator with rudder or the wheel with the yoke? Or maybe left or right turn with bank? Top off fuel? What ever it is. It is absolutely fabulous 🙂

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