Georgia on my mind

Georgia, Georgia,
The whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind

It seems we were stuck in Georgia for another day after all. Nemo had made it’s way north, collided with the cold front arriving from Chicago and dumping snow in NY and New England as we speak. The skies above St Simons remained stubbornly IMC. Leesburg too, was windy and strongly affected by Nemo.


We resigned ourselves to a day in Georgia and decided to make the most of it. St Simons Island was a quaint little town. It is one of the largest Golden Isles along Georgia’s southern Atlantic coast. We made our way first to Jekyl Island in our rented car for some tea and pecan cake, then hit the mall for some shopping. After lunch we headed over to Brunswick airport to check out the FBO and tried to sneak into the Gulfstream maintenance facility if we could 🙂 Later in the afternoon we checked in to the Sea Isles Ocean Resort comparatively better than the Hampton hotel we had stayed the previous night. We had good view of the lighthouse from our balcony and everything was within walking distance.


The shells at St Simon beach were awesome. I have never seen such large ones. Although I am disappointed I couldn’t steal some. Not when the welk were still housed in them. It was a day to relax. We walked the beach, did window shopping, took a tour of the lighthouse and relaxed.


In the evening we headed over to the Blue Water Cafe for Happy Hour and Dinner. Facing the waterfront it was a good option for dinner. Daily happy hour between 5 and 7 meant double drinks. After dinner we  walked down the pier, looking at stars,using Google sky.

After the hectic, last few days it was good to slow down and relax and enjoy St Simons Island.

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