Blacksburg, VA

It has been almost 20 years, since I have been in Blacksburg, VA. Eons ago, as a student I had flown a commercial flight to Roanoke, VA for two weeks of fun cross country driving, up and down the east coast, meeting old high school and college friends.

IMG_3556The Blacksburg, I remembered was warm and welcoming. Summertime in VA means, lush green lawns and foliage in full bloom. The concrete buildings and warm people made it feel like home. Especially for someone who had left home and come to a foreign country, far away for home.

IMG_3580It was a pristine, pre spring day. After the mock winter storm earlier in the week, that missed the Mid Atlantic yet again, it was the perfect day for flying. Linda and I set off in the trusty G1000 that we had just flown to the Bahamas (almost 30 hrs breaking-in the new engine). It was the most uneventful flight ever. We departed on time, and with headwinds all the way south made it to Virginia Tech Metropolitan Airport (BCB) in the expected 2 hours. Clear skies and calm winds meant the aircraft almost flew itself. The airwaves were silent, almost as though everyone had decided to sleep in to make up for the lost hour.

IMG_3586It seems the restaurant across the street from the airport is closed during the weekends. Linda and I set off in the Ford Explorer loaner car (enough to fit 8-10 people) and headed into town for some lunch. There was an Applebees, a Mexican, Mongolian, Italian and other  restaurants just 5-10 minute drive away. We opted for the Olive Garden.

After lunch, we drove through the campus. Past the Soccer field, the Athletic department, the Stadium, the library and other campus buildings. Walking on the campus, I felt disconnected with this place. Virginia Tech has a nice campus. The rows of neat concrete buildings speak volumes of the intellectuals that the university graduates each year.


Blacksburg is  a neat college town to fly into. Especially summer time when the foliage is in full bloom, the grass green and the campus bustling with activity.



5 thoughts on “Blacksburg, VA

  1. Sagar Naraparaju August 13, 2014 / 2:03 am

    Thanks for sharing this. We miss Alok a lot and reading this brought back wonderful memories.


  2. Dinesh Deshmukh August 14, 2014 / 11:31 am

    Stumbled upon this today – thanks for posting. Having studied at VA Tech with Alok, this brought back a few memories…


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