Half Moon Bay

Quaint fishing village. Art Galleries. Shops. and so much more.

Even the name sounds quaint… like a town out of a story book!

Half Moon Bay (HAF) is a delightful town in the North Coast of California. Less than 30nm by car from the San Francisco, it is easily accessible by car or airplane. More fun by the later.

Pacific Coast Freeway or Cabrillo Freeway as it is known in these parts meanders as it winds its way south through Monterrey, Carmel and the Big Sur Coast, continuing south through beautiful Central Coast, San Simeon, Cambria, Morro Beach, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and further south to San Diego and beyond. It is the most driven road out west for it’s pristine beauty. Most tourists stop over on their way south at the famous Lone Pine Tree golf course and the town of Carmel as they make their way south along the scenic Pacific Coast. Art Galleries abound. Quaint local restaurants and shops grace the streets.


Half Moon Bay (HAF) is one of the most frequented airports for it’s pristine location along the CA coastline. Be it a $100 hamburger run, annual whale watching fun  or part of the scenic SFO Bay tour. Paralleling the coast, HAF is a delightful airport to land in. Park and walk over to the town of Princeton by the sea. Don’t be surprised if you run into streets such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford and more.


Flying here is always fun. I have flown here many times — be it to take  my sister to lunch with the SCV99s for the annual whale watching fun in January  or meeting fellow SLO99s from the central coast  for lunch. Although there are many alternatives, Mezza Luna comes to mind as a wonderful $500 vegeburger place!

If you haven’t done it, make it there… it is a must do airport!

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  1. Karlene April 20, 2013 / 2:25 am

    Lovely! I just added another location on my bucket list.


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