Celebrating 100 Posts. Derby Day. Check-ride Anniversary. And most importantly the simply joy of flying!

May is always memorable. I got my PPL . Three years later I got my Instrument rating.

“I hope we will be done by 3:00 pm, ” said Wanda, “I wan’t to watch the Kentucky Derby”

“I hope so too,” thought I. “With positive results.” For it was the day of my PPL check-ride and I wanted to get home without a pink slip! It was also Derby Day. And getting home to watch the race would be good too… I did make it home in time to catch the race that day. That was 12 years ago!

As it happens, Derby day was yesterday this year (5/4). And my favorite was ItsMyLuckyDay. Turns out it was not really my lucky day. Both with horses and with flying. The group that had successfully made it to the Bahamas earlier this year, planned a mini reunion. The plan was to fly to Tangier Island for some crab cakes and hanger flying. The weather refused to cooperate. And I never got to fly today.

Tangier is a fun island to fly to out in the Chesapeake bay. I have flown there a few times (see An Evening in Tangier or Planes, Trains, Automobiles or Tangier Again). Would have been fun to get in the air and celebrate the simple joy of flying.


3 thoughts on “5/5

  1. Karlene May 5, 2013 / 11:36 pm

    I am so sorry it wasn’t your lucky day. While I loved that horse (and had a little bet on it) my hubby had Orb (before they bet him as the favorite) and I put the 4 horse with it for a Grand Exacta. But seriously, it was my lucky day… as 5/4 is my birthday. And I bet a 5462 superfecta. Which hit the top six places. I almost had a really lucky day…and could have bought a plane.
    Sometimes the weather doesn’t work out for us…but that makes those other days that much better. You will fly again! Seattle is in the 80’s! Amazing.


  2. flynthings May 5, 2013 / 11:42 pm

    Thanks Karlene! And Congrats on doing well on the Derby! East coast weather is quite finicky but yeah summer will be here and more opportunities to take to the skies!


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