The Social Network

I was reading an article by Lane Wallace talking about The Social Network in this month’s EAA Sport Aviation Magazine.

And she is right when she says: “But to actually GET that something done still requires showing up— repeatedly and consistently”

These days it is easy to start a revolution on the Social Media as is evident from the recent conflicts in the middle-east or maybe even closer to home in the Occupy Wall Street. Getting people mobilized is an easy feat through Social Networks.

Social Media has over taken us whether we want it to or not. Gone are the days when friends called you or showed up on your door step. It seems some friends only consider social media the venue where they broadcast their minute by minute activities the only venue where they choose to communicate.

Virtual living: there is only so much you can do. Maybe you can start a war, plan a meeting, or a party.

Like Lane says, to get something done, does still require showing up!