All Airways lead to OSH!

I don’t make any  personal commitments if I can help it, during the last week of July. Professional commitments as well as unexpected events are a whole different matter and take precedence over everything else. So each year, I am never sure if I can make it, until the last minute. So Camp Scholer is absolutely perfect. For you never need to worry about not finding a spot to pitch your tent and call it home for the duration of your stay, that is, until this year. I found an even more perfect spot to pitch tent and hang out 🙂


It was right after our return from or during our very successful flight to The Bahamas, that Linda and I decided we were ready for another challenge: How about Oshkosh during Airventure?

The weather, the week of Airventure was perfect. Sunny skies and nary a thunderstorm in the forecast. I thought we might luck out this time. Almost. I monitored the weather and as the coveted day arrived, the forecast got gloomier and gloomier. Still, I had hope. Human beings thrive on hope. So often meteorologist forecast weather and it never happens. So it could still turn out for the better.

Despite my optimism, Thursday arrived, in bangs and bolts: thunderstorm, lightening and at times heavy rain. We had decided the day before, that we would monitor weather and coordinate a departure time. As the day progressed, our departure times went from 8 am, to possibly noon, to maybe 4 pm until we decided to call it a day and show up bright and early on Friday morning. It was forecasted to be a nice, sunny summer day in the east coast. At least we hoped.

We departed on schedule, on Friday. It turned out to be a glorious, summer day. That is until we crossed over the Shenandoah Mountains. Thick clouds laced the area, west of the mountains.  We attempted under first, before climbing higher. We continued to dodge clouds, as we made our way west, before landing at Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport (MGY) in Dayton, Ohio for some fuel both for ourselves as well as our transport. Aviation Sales Inc. is an excellent FBO to leave your aircraft, grab a courtesy car and head out for lunch. We headed to the nearest recommended restaurant with vegetarian food: Max & Erma’s Restaurant. While walkable, the restaurant is better accessible via the courtesy car, due to the volume of traffic and pedestrian unfriendly roads. We arrived back, to find our aircraft fully fueled and wind shield squeaky clean! By the way, there are a couple of replica Wright Flyers in a museum on the field or the US Air Force Museum is a short distance away if you have the time to check out. After all, Dayton, OH is the hometown of the Wright Brothers!

photo(8)photo(9)After a delightful lunch, Linda and I set off. Our next planned destination being Waukegon, Illinois (KUGN). Our goal: to land in every state we crossed paths over. As we made our way north, we battled cumulonimbus clouds, and rapidly building thunderstorms, so common in the East and the Midwest. We dodged between two storm systems, before we knew, we had to land and wait it out. And so we did in Gary, Indiana. Let me say this, if I had to do it again, I’ll pick another place 🙂photo(5)

Saturday arrived with clear blue skies: perfect and peaceful. Just the Wright day for a flight up to Oshkosh, WI. We were up, breakfasted, and ready by 7:30 am. We departed right on schedule. Where were the clear, blue skies? We climbed to 500 ft, turning right, dodging clouds, and headed north. Luckily it was clear up north for now.

photo(7)We leveled off at 2500 ft, and headed up north, past the non existent Meigs Field, up Lake Michigan and Lake Shore Drive, past Sears Towers and downtown Chicago. Crystal clear day for now. We remained under the Class Bravo and monitored other traffic on ADS-B. Our route:


15 miles from Ripon: We went dark.

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  1. Karlene August 5, 2013 / 3:15 pm

    What a GREAT trip! Next year it’s on my schedule with out a doubt!


  2. flynthings August 5, 2013 / 11:25 pm

    Thanks! It was totally awesome…


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