If I live to be 90 years….

…this is how I would love to be!

Having gone through an Aviation Medical Examiner and an FAA Certified Examiner at 85 years old, I know it is possible.

I finally caught up with my Sport Aviation magazines. This one is old… from August 2013 issue of the Sport Aviation Magazine. And you guessed right: It is Flying Lessons by Lane Wallace entitled: Travels in Space Time.

Who wouldn’t love to be in that cockpit with Steve Whitman at age 90 years, in a Tailwind aircraft,  who had his license signed by none other than Orville Wright back in 1928. Or who wouldn’t die to be with Bill Anders and Gene Cernan over the Nevada desert, as they discussed their flight path to the Moon…

I totally understand the awe that Lane felt between space and time.

It is something I have struggled with in my own little ways: the times I traced the path to the First Flight Airport, to retrace the path of the Wright brothers, or the times, I tried and failed to see the Space Shuttle launch or landing out in Florida, or the times I succeeded in seeing the launch of SpaceShipOne and met the giant of the modern day aviation: Burt Rutan.


We are on the cusp of the Next Generation of Space Travel. Whatever the age, who wouldn’t want to live in this age and time?

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