Bahamas II? Yes!

Fly me to the Bahamas
Let me play among the islands
Let me see what spring is like
On a-Exhuma and Rum Cay

— adapted from Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon song

It still feels like yesterday, that we got back from the Bahamas… and here we are again, already planning the next one!

bahamas10If you could measure profit and enthusiasm, by the number of people and planes, then we have doubled and quadrupled in the three years this has been happening. The first year it was casual: two planes and two friends with family off to the Bahamas for an exotic week in the tropics. They had such a great trip and couldn’t stop talking about their scintillating experience, that the next year 16 brave souls in 8 assorted aircraft from Cessna 172 to the multi-engine made it gloriously to the Bahamas and back.

We must have talked. A. Lot.

For this year, so far we have almost 32 people and 16 planes, all hoping to squeeze in a week in the tropics, away from the frigid winter weather conditions in the Mid Atlantic. And if you are wondering, almost all the 16 people who did it last year, are raving to go again this year and the countdown has started πŸ™‚

bahamas13This year, the discussions are not how to get there, but whether, there would be enough tie down spots at the airports we intend to visit and whether the resorts would have enough rooms/cottages/villas to put us up! Considering we are getting good at this, our organizers have better bargaining chips for group deals and incentives.

bahamas22One thing that I had not mentioned in my earlier Bahamas postings is that there are at least two discounts available to pilots. This year’s deals are: spend 4 nights in Bahamas and get $300 fuel discount and individual resorts have their own discounts such as stay three nights and get fourth night free etc. Shopping around the resort websites is a good place to start to find deals. There were also, several advertized deals for the Bahamas, at Oshkosh.

As always stay tuned… for this repeat grand adventure πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Bahamas II? Yes!

  1. Camille October 30, 2013 / 7:45 pm

    Awesome that you’re thinking of doing it again! Good for you.


    • flynthings October 30, 2013 / 9:58 pm

      I know…. it’s exciting!


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