Flying Bucketlist

It’s the time of the year when it’s normal to think of New Year resolutions and future goals for the upcoming New Year. Anything related to flying cannot be bound with a time frame. Not the least because it is not cheap, but also because there are too many uncertain parameters.


On some occasions, I have taken an alternative approach such as flying a scenic flight in a seaplane over Vancouver B.C, or Sydney, Australia or a helicopter over the Great Barrier Reef over Cairns, Australia. But, I hope to eventually pilot a plane over these areas!


Given that, my top ten flying bucklist destinations include:

10. Flying over Niagara Falls, New York
09. Flying over Grand Canyon,Arizona
08. India
07. England/Scotland
06. Canada: Over the Canadian Rockies, Prince Edward Island
05. Alaska
04. Australia and Tasmania
03. New Zealand
02. South America —Patagonia and Machu Pichu
01. Africa


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