IFR & Night Current… Hurrah!

So…. I flew last weekend..

Believe it or not, after switching not once, but twice…

It seems my flight school doesn’t believe that I am capable of flying a C172 M, even though I have the most hours in C172, got checked out, not just in C172G1000 , but also the C172 M in the past, just, did not submit a form for that aircraft type, since they didn’t ask?

Which by the way, they let me fly that day… Considering that more than half my total flight time is in C172, and that is the only aircraft I am checked out in and fly quite frequently, at my current flight school, how crazy is that? Maybe one day in the future people will get past this foolishness, and ridiculous checkouts?

But, fortunately, a C172S was available and they did not have a problem to let me fly that!

So we set off in relatively calm weather, but on a busy Sunday afternoon, for some practice approaches. I had tentatively thought I might have to do some simulated approaches before the upcoming big Bahamas trip, but as luck would have it, the relatively mild weather meant, I could do some practice approaches with a safety pilot. That with the night time I snagged last month means I am now officially both night and IFR current!

Too bad….I had planned to shoot some practice LPV approaches which the C172M was capable off… But had to resort to the typical GPS, ILS and VOR type approaches possible by the typical GPS equipped C172S I got to fly.

Maybe I should be happy I got to fly at all..

Either way, happy that I am well equipped for my upcoming Bahamas Bash!

2 thoughts on “IFR & Night Current… Hurrah!

  1. Camille Nelson January 16, 2014 / 12:34 am

    When is your Bahamas trip?


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