Cat Island

The last day of our stay arrived rather quickly. You know what they say, “Time flies when you are having fun…” 🙂

Our original plan was to spend the day doing a little island hopping… but considering we had no chance to explore Cat Island, we decided instead to rent a car and drive around.

cat1As with any island in the Bahamas, there is only one main road on Cat Island. And yes they do drive on the wrong side of the road (or the correct side if you talk to a local :-)).

Absolutely no street signs. Too many potholes. At least we did not get lost, not too much. We hoped to follow one of  our group ahead of us over to Flamingo Bay, but easy lost sight of them, couldn’t find the way and ended up in Shanna’s cove, at the north end of the island. Excellent pizza at the resort cafe at Shanna’s cove. We explored the beach and the trail leading to a private beach, while we waited for our pizza. Nice, but nothing compared to Fernandez Bay!

cat6After lunch, we retraced our path and after several loops, stopping strangers on the road for directions, and driving on gravel and rocky paths, we made it to Flamingo Bay to catch a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean. Just in time to see a rainbow. As sun, dark moisture laden clouds and slight precipitation graced the skies.

cat4Flamingo Bay is popular for it’s views of the Atlantic Ocean and for the glass artifacts on the beach, drifted ashore from ancient ships. While we totally forgot to pick the glass artifacts, some of the others had picked some really fine glass that could be used for ornamental decoration or jewellery.

Early the next morning, we drove over to the Hermitage, a Monastery that sits on top of a hill: the highest point on the island at 206 ft. It was built by Father Jerome. The steep climb up is dotted with stone-carved markers, representing the Stations of the Cross. At the top is a bell tower, small chapel, cloister, and guest room that the monk called home.

cat13Cat Island, is one of the out islands of the Bahamas. While it can be explored in a single day, people come here to detox, and disconnect with the outside world. It is terrific to turn off your modern gadgets, see no TV, relax and enjoy the natural beauty that can be found in abundance!

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