Enough Already…

After a mercurial introduction to the east coast winter, the last three winters have been mild at best.  Maybe that is the culprit, since I have come to expect mild winters. Truth be told, I haven’t needed to shovel the past three winters. The cold was tolerable, which is evident from the fact that one of my pipe that is prone to freezing, didn’t give any problems. That is until this winter.

Had two rounds of shoveling already…. Not 2 ft., but still enough inches to warrant shoveling. And the cold…. bitter. My vocabulary of weather terms is richer this winter than any other winter or year for that matter.

But Spring is imminent… close at hand I suspect.

My Amaryllis is already abloom… a precursor to Spring


My Orchids are blooming…

photo2Spring is around the corner… barely a month away.

March means, Cherry Blossoms, Spring and soon to follow Summer!

Maybe Phil said 6 more weeks, but enough already! I am ready for Spring 🙂