$500 Vegeburger: Suffolk Executive Airport (SFQ)

Finding airports with Cafes on the field is extremely challenging in the Mid Atlantic. Even websites like AOPA airports, Airport Facility Directory, Airnav or even ForeFlight don’t contain accurate information sometimes. I unearthed SFQ a few months back through reading some user comments and scouring the web for information on Virginia airports with restaurants on the field.

SFQ1Attitudes Cafe officially opened last April (2013), but they have unpredictable schedules, are open only Friday through Sunday, don’t answer the phone mostly, and possibly closed during holidays (Dec-Jan). They do have a Facebook page, where the most current information might be posted.

0SFQ5I began planning this flyout almost a month ago, just after we got back from the Bahamas. Some of us have been wanting to collect stamps for our Virginia airport passport and I in general love to fly to an airport I haven’t yet flown into. Although 4-5 airplanes with 8-10 people were interested, there were three planes with 6 people who made it comfortably to Suffolk for some lunch at the Attitudes Cafe. We lucked out on the weather once again. After the roller coaster weather we have been experiencing lately, Saturday dawned cloudy but calm in the Mid-Atlantic. Winds were raging down south but were expected to be aligned with one of the runways at Suffolk.

SFQ2Attitudes Cafe is busy, with a lot of locals and sky divers from SkyDive Suffolk, but provides ample opportunities for that Hanger talk while you wait for lunch. They are popular for their Gumbo… While I did not eat a vegeburger, their Flatbread was pretty good.

Other than winds gusting excessively along the route, the flight down south and the return was unremarkable. It was a good day for some crosswind practice, and flying in general, considering snow is expected again, in the next 48 hours! I don’t think we are quite done with winter just yet!

SFQ44Suffolk Airport is also famous for the annual Virginia Regional Festival of Flight to be held  May 31st- June 1st 2014 this year.