Flying Buddy

Do you have a flying buddy?

Once I got my private pilot license, I initially did a lot of solo flying. It’s fun. But is also quite expensive: if you rent.

rainbow3Eventually you start to think about getting your instrument rating. And I did, after a few months. This meant I flew with a lot of different pilots to complete the necessary cross country time as well as simulated time, using the hood, to enable my safety pilot to record time. And then you realize, you only pay half 🙂

Once you get your instrument rating, it is all about maintaining your instrument currency. With the requirement to have 6 approaches every 6 months, tracking radials, flying holds and other precision flying, you constantly need to have a second pilot on board for a lot of the flying you do.

Believe it or not, it all works out in your favor. Once I started my instrument training and constantly flew with other pilots, my confidence level increased in leaps and bounds.

Out in California, where people fly a lot and the 99s and other pilot groups are extremely active, I had no lacking of flying buddies either within the local 99s chapter, or my flying club. Once I moved east, finding such a support group or a flying buddy was limited.

My flight school did offer ample opportunities for, not only flying to new destinations, but also connecting with other pilots interested in group flyouts. I’ve had my share of flying with brand new pilots and veteran instructor pilots.


Fortunately, fellow 99er and flight school member Linda, is often on the lookout for flying opportunities, and interested in flying, so very often, I don’t need to look further. Unless our schedules don’t match.

Do you have a flying buddy?


6 thoughts on “Flying Buddy

  1. swpilot April 12, 2014 / 1:06 am

    Like you, back in AZ, I had a lot of pilot friends to split cost for $100 Hamburger weekend flights. Also being an active CAP Search & Rescue pilot, sharing cockpit becomes second nature. We fly 3-5hrs mission sortie and sometimes switching seats if mission went longer. The camaraderie and quality hanger talk really makes it worth your time. I flew young eagles and sometimes their parents would call me to go flying. Since visiting Oshkosh many times, I now have been able to find friends wherever I travel for work these days. So yeah flying buddies for me, that is 🙂


  2. Karlene April 12, 2014 / 3:28 am

    This is the best advice. Everyone needs that flying buddy. It makes flying fun, half the price and you always learn something from each other. A must for everyone.


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