One Week. One Oshkosh!

Airventure 2014 is almost upon us! 45 Days and counting…

I just attended the first Webinar: Tips for Flying to Airventure earlier this week…oshmorn2What’s new this year?


  • And TFR’s associated with them Aug 1-3rd, 2014 all the way to 16,000 ft.
  • Crowd lines set back on those days

Airshow Time Change

  • 1:00-4:30 pm on the last Sunday

New Approaches to VFR arrivals near Midway (MDW) and altitudes.

  • But techniques remain the same
  • Altitudes changes to below 2000ft over Chicago Airspace

Managing the Risks

  • *Landing Accident*– still remain high. But nothing that can avoided by practice!
  •  Taxi Accident
  • Take-off Accident

Should you fly to Airventure?


  • Your recent experience counts. Immensely. Practice. Practice.Practice!
  • VFR Navigation by ground references
  • Holding specified speed and altitude…
  • Non Standard Approach Patterns: Right Traffic
  • Descent on downwind and very short final!
  • No downwind and very short final!
  •  Spot Landings
  • Last Minute Landing Changes— Go Around,
  • Runway Width Illusion ( landing on a taxiway :-))
  • Crosswinds
  •  Know your limits!
  • Non Standard Radio Communications
  • Whose in Charge?
  • No exceptional skills needed. You just need to practice to sharpen your skills.

Planning your trip:

  • download your copy of the NOTAM (1-800-DOWNLOAD)
  • movement areas is controlled by FAA

IFR Flying

  • Might not always be your best choice
  • Traffic separation
  • High volume of non transponder traffic

When should you arrive?


  • Arrive early mornings (less traffic)
  • Schedules in the NOTAMs when group arrivals occur
  • Avoid just before or just after the airport closes!

Space for parking

  • Show planes have room (vintage airplanes)
  • Other GA almost do get in… but due to ground condition can be restricted
  • Listen to ATIS for latest information!
  • Parking Status updated
  • Check neighboring airports
  • Have extra fuel reserves!



  • What to expect?
  • What to watch for?

Packing the plane

  • Plan for diversion
  • Have chocks and tie-downs (rentals available)
  • Have signs..
  • Go Around if needed..
  • Checkout



  • Plan your departure
  • Departure sign
  • Departure ATIS


  • Markings changed

Checkout the Webinar for all the Tips and Tricks to flying into Oshkosh during Airventure!

BTW 61% voted they would be there 🙂

See you there!


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