Earth: No place like home!

Aerial Horizon

There is something fascinating about taking aerial photographs. Every time I fly, I take my nifty point and shoot camera or the  more intricate digital SLR Camera. Sometimes if I forget either, I just pull out my smart phone to click some pictures. Smart phones in recent times have incorporated bigger and better cameras. I have even seen people use their iPads to take photos. What with selfies being the rage, taking photos these days is easy.

bahamas10But, to take a good or excellent photos, what one needs still, is good equipment and good skill. The best pictures are still taken by people with skills and requisite resources. There are many incredible photographers out there who take extraordinary photos at ground level. The Earth is beautiful any time of the year or any time of the day.

bahamas27Flying a few hundred, a few thousand or even a few tens of thousands of miles or even from outer space, provides some spectacular views of this planet we call home. NASA has posted images of Earth from Space for decades.

FPR1But few experience the benefit of Aerial photography, There are some  600,000+ pilots out there and only a few of them take photos of the incredible earth and make them accessible to others.

IMG_1772I recently came across this Aerial Photography site. The Earth is the most beautiful home we know. It is beautiful 24/7/365 days a year. Seeing it at 35,000ft on a regular basis is only possible if you are a commercial pilot. Aerial Horizons provides an incredible view of our home from 35,000+ feet.

Flying at any altitude provides pilots with a distinct view of this planet we call home. Enjoy!


Aerial Horizons

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