Book Review: Fifty Classic Destinations for Pilots

“I find it fun to fly into SLO airport. There are little volcano-like mountains all around. Morro Bay and it’s signature rock is ever present, sometimes it’s foggy but never seems to be low to the ground, it is often green and lush (or at least it looks it from the air). The tower seems competent and friendly and there’s a nice restaurant right on the field next to the FBO.”

— Ney Grant, Fifty Classic Destinations

FCDHaving flown in and out of SLO many times, I fully concur with Ney Grant’s description of SLO airport. In fact, I  was very happy to see SLO make his 50 list 🙂

STB_0215I came across the book Fifty Classic Destinations for Pilots by Ney Grant, on Karlene’s blog and immediately wanted to get my own copy of the book. I am constantly on the lookout for airports to fly into along with fun activities to do. Planning fun flyouts in the West Coast was fairly easy, although this has been quite a challenge in the East Coast. If you like me, love to fly for fun, to new and exotic destinations, then this book should definitely appeal to you.

IMG_1794Fifty Classic Destinations provides details on fifty destinations you can fly into, in Western USA, along with fun things you can plan and do while there. Ney Grant categorizes each flight based on the adventure: be it a family fun trip, a romantic getaway, a day trip, a flight seeing trip, a day hike, a backpacking trip, a biking trip, a dog friendly trip, a mountain biking trip or more.  The book is filled with photographs from each destination with information on where to stay and what to do. Ney even highlights his personal favorites.

I am always on a lookout for places to go, things to see and do. Flying into an airport with an intent to sight see  always adds an extra level of planning to coordinate and organize the logistics of getting around as well as identifying activities to do. It is refreshing to find a book that provides tips and details of fun places to fly in Western USA.

Now, if only, there was one for the Eastern USA!

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