Words on Wednesdays: Flurries!

Winter comes early to the Mid Atlantic

I typically like to see a white Christmas. There is something ethereal about waking up on Christmas morning to snow covered rooftops and driveways. In fact, my first Christmas morning in the east, I spied not one, or even two but six deer lurking around the snow covered woods behind my house. How appropriate!

Christmas with reindeers (12/25/09)

To the best of my knowledge this might be the first Thanksgiving that, I might wake up to snow covered rooftops. As I write this, it is snowing heavily further north of here, with 5-8 inches accumulation expected. I did see some flakes earlier this morning here but no accumulation is forecast, east of the 95 corridor.

The weather as expected, is going to play havoc with travel and Thanksgiving plans for people intent on getting out of town.

Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!