Synthetic Vision

Last week Foreflight announced Synthetic Vision for Foreflight and iPad. This new functionality is available for an additional $25 subscription to an existing subscription, which does not sound prohibitive considering the price of flying these days. ForeFlight

Synthetic vision systems (SVS) were originally developed by NASA and US Air Force and hasve been around since the 1970s, but only recently have started to proliferate into General Aviation flying. The first FAA certified SVS was introduced in the Gulfstream PlanView flight deck and later on in the Garmin G1000 systems in 2009.

WingX Pro 7 was the first app to introduce synthetic vision for the iPad and iPhone in 2012 with optional AHRS and ADS-B integration. 3-D Synthetic vision has been available in Garmin Pilot since February 2014 and already being used by GA pilots in the cockpit.

It provides great situation awareness in all weather conditions and definitely adds value in the cockpit.

Do you plan to upgrade to ForeFlight SV or already use some form of SVT? What has your experience been with SVT?  Drop me a line…


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