Monday Morning Inspiration 2


In a recent interview with AntennaFilms, Rutan said: “Imagine an aircraft able to land in large swells near any ocean shoreline and ride the waves to the beach, from where you could hike in for lunch and gas.

Rutan has spent the last few years, even in retirement in Idaho, designing a seaplane that can land in rough seas, calm waters, snow, or grass and run on gasoline.


SkiGull is going to be an amphibous plane, and if it flies, it can do all those. And if it works, Rutan wants to fly from California to Hawaii without carrying supplemental fuel tanks. If it works well, ” Tonya and I will explore the world with it, visiting the places you cannot easily get to any other way, ” he says.

At age 71, Rutan is still going strong as ever.


A Legendary Airplane Designer Hints At His Next Creation
Burt Rutan’s Latest Project: The SkiGull


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