Airport Codes

Ever wonder what the three letter code meant? How it originated?

What the heck is ORD? DCA? IAD?

Did you know Dulles International Airport used to be DIA at one time… to remove confusion from District of Columbia Airport, DCA, it was  renamed IAD? Or that ORD was actually ORcharD field airport, before being renamed O’Hare?

Airport codes demystified… now you can find out how an airport got it’s 3 letter code, all in one place here.

The <a href="" target="_blank">Airport Codes </a>website provides stories behind more than 350 airport codes around the world. The following gallery offers a sampling, with back stories provided courtesy of the site. On the website you can find the story behind your favorite airport's code or contribute a new entry.

Photo: Courtesy Airport Codes

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