Thawing out

So, I am finally out of hibernation.

The first flight was to get my Flight Review done. It has been exactly 4 months and thirteen days since my last flight. In a way, I deliberately delayed my thawing out date, until it was time for my Flight Review.  On Saturday, I had my Flight Review. I did okay enough to get a sign off. I only wish I had reviewed my last flight review and prepared for the ground portion better, instead of attempting to wing it 🙂

Since then I have been flying each weekend. I’ve decided to get my commercial rating done this summer! This means taking my knowledge test again, and practicing my commercial maneuvers, but hopefully this times a charm 🙂


This time we made our way south to Stafford to practice landings in a C172RG. All the recent rains have brought out the green in the trees. It is finally starting to look a lot like Spring. And my landings were not too bad. Not too bad at all!

Looking forward to my next training flight.

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