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First there is the theme song, then a suave, and handsome Bond, as he walks and shoots. One of the first movies, I remember watching as a teenager was James Bond films. James Bond was obviously, always smartly dressed, handsome, knew every trick, and walked away without a stain to his suit. He got the beautiful girl to boot, as well!


The earliest recollection of reading I have are, when I started to read in middle school. We had a competition going, on who would read the most or the latest books. We read in school buses. I wanted to be well ahead of my friends in the most read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. With family members who read, I had no dearth of books to read, ranging from Arthur Haley, Robin Cook, Alistair MacLean, Arthur Hailey, Irving Stone, Irving Wallace, Ian Fleming,  Daphne Du Maurier and more. My favorite undoubtedly was Alistair MacLean.

Maybe it is the books I read, but I have always been a fan of the strong, and  silent hero. He always knew how to solve a problem, was resilient, strong, and got the best of the toughest villains. And the girl in the end.

I did have one gripe though: the girls in Alistair MacLean books, although beautiful, and most often assisted the hero, were also categorized into the dumb blonde category. Golden Gate, Seawitch, Force Ten from Navarone,  and so on come to mind. There is a lot of history in Alistaire MacLean books. Set during the war or involving espionage, they are great read. And did I mention language? Language matters to me. There are few authors that can say what they want to say in the most efficient, effective and incredibly profound way, without resorting to vulgar dialogue. Alistaire MacLean was one of them.

Another author, who used words in the most effective way was Ayn Rand. Her books are based on philosophy. How can I talk about heroes without mentioning Roark,  Galt,  di Anconia and maybe even Rearden. If literature could influence and inspire me, it was in the books of Rand.

As an adult, I discovered and read Dick Francis vociferously. There are many heroes in Dick Francis novels: Syd Halley who spans three books, Kit Fielding who spans two, or many others who present an incredible strength of character to stand for what they believe in and ultimately win the day. Struggle, persistence, perseverance and other such emotions are excellently described and portrayed in Francis’ books.

Heroes come in all sizes and shapes. I am a great fan of Marvel Heroes as well: Iron Man, Bat Man, Spider Man, and more. Although I don’t read much comic books any more.

What inspires you? Who is your hero? Drop me a line….

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