Eights on Pylons

“Is there an emergency gear release?” I asked my instructor, as I scanned the aircraft and almost immediately located it on the floor between the pilot and passenger seats. While we had done a lot of pattern work during the last two flights, we hadn’t touched on this topic.

It’s been almost a month since my last flight, but good to be back in the air.

As we neared the practice area, I sub-consciously noticed my instructor pull out a circuit breaker. I should have realized then, that he was about to test me on the emergency gear release 🙂

Until now, I have only ever practiced in the Arrow, so it was good to try some emergency gear extension in the C172RG, some slow flight, stalls, steep turns, and emergency descents.

With time to spare, I even got to practice some eights on pylons.

Despite a month off the air, I, and even my instructor thought I did okay. It’s good to be on track. I still hope to be done by the end of July!

4 thoughts on “Eights on Pylons

  1. Lindsay Kitson June 9, 2015 / 12:23 am

    I wish you good flying weather. It sucks to be on the ground too long. I feel like my current job is just killing me slowly, I can’t wait to get my commercial license and get flying for a living.

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