Spaceship One, Government Zero

June 2014 marks a decade of SpaceShipOne. Here is the recap of the flight that made it to space in June 2004.

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“A public viewing of the SpaceShipOnetest flight?”
Wow! First there was Kitty Hawk, then Cape Canaveral and now Mojave. Kitty Hawkhappened in a previous lifetime. I always wanted to visit Florida and watch a Shuttle launch, but haven’t been able to as yet. If history was going to be made right here in the California Dessert, I wanted to be there to see it happen. The launch was scheduled for June 21st at 6:30 am and the public would be allowed inside the airport starting at 3:00am

DCF 1.0
Arriving there at 3:00 am, it was comforting to see that there were people like me out there for whom this was a momentous occasion. The public viewing area was right across from the departure end of runway 30, giving a fairly decent view of not only the take-off but also the landing of SpaceShipOne.

DCF 1.0

Figure 1: WhiteKnight and…

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