I touched Spaceship One!!!

Monday’s Inspiration

Celebrating SpaceShipOne this week to mark the historic first flight in 2004.

In the fall of 2003, I had the pleasure of coming face to face with SpaceShipOne in the hanger of Scaled Composites offices at Mojave Airport….

Fly 'n Things

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Lancaster, CA for the Ninety Nines Southwest Section Fall Meeting.  It was an incredible trip lasting three days and I am still floating in the clouds….

Day one started with a trip to NASA Dryden and Edwards AFB. First half of the morning was spent at NASA viewing the latest research vehicles such as the  IFCS (Intelligent Flight Control Systems), a heavily modified McDonnel Douglas NF-15B fitted with neural network control systems. We also got to see and climb partway, the Shuttle MDD (Mate/Demate Device) Facility.  This is where the shuttle is brought after a landing at Edwards AFB, to be mated to the NASA 747 carrier to be transported back to Florida.

Following lunch on the base, where we had a delightful meal with the guest of honor, the Deputy head of NASA Dryden, we drove out to Edwards AFB…

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