Oshkosh: Nothing like that!

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Countdown to #OSH13

If you are one of those still wondering where to plan your summer vacation: look no further.
If you have never been to Oshkosh and Airventure: look no further
If you, like me, are plane crazy and have a week or weekend free during the last week of July: absolutely look no further!

IMG_1409Each year, the Experimental Aviation Association plans, organizes and orchestrates the best and most enduring event of the year. As I have said many times over, there is no place like it, if you are just plane crazy!

Airventure has a lot to offer:

  • Daily airshows, aircraft displays,  seminars, forums, workshops, museum visits
  • Evening entertainment (special premier of Disney Planes) on Friday and performances by Gary Sinise and the Lft. Dan Band
  • Night airshow on Saturday, ultralights, warbirds, seaplane  base and so much more.
  • Don’t forget balloon launch and 5k run on Saturday
  • Airplane…

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