#OSH14: Blue Skies and Tailwinds Please…

It’s Airventure time….

Fly 'n Things

I miss the sunny blue skies of California, I am used to flying. Be it winter, spring, summer or fall, the Northeast weather is fickle. Any flying day, there is a chance of thunderstorm in the forecast or at least low ceilings and marginal weather. Long ago, during my instrument training I craved some clouds so I could get some IMC time. Nowadays, whether I want it or not, I am forced to fly in IMC weather. So I have been building, not only my confidence, but also IMC time.

osh22That I can handle. Weather tools in the cockpit, make flying through clouds so much easier. It is easy to meander around cells. Decide when it is safe to continue on and when to call it quits.

But headwinds? Enough already!

The last few trips to Florida during winter and early spring, we constantly battled headwinds. Short days make it…

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