Words on Wednesdays: The Rescue

Fly 'n Things


“Help,” I tried again. More muffled sounds and chokes.

Now that I had my heart beat under control, I could hear the outside sounds. Aircraft taking-off, ground vehicles moving, and was that voices? I willed myself to perfect stillness.  Someone was outside, talking.

“Tell Eddie, that he needs to get his carburetor fixed,” said one raspy voice.

“You know…” strayed off another voice.

I strained to hear, but the second man was soft spoken and his voice got softer and softer. I heard some shuffling sounds and realized that they were walking away. If I had to attract their attention it had to be now.

I struggled to roll. And roll again. It took my breath away. But this was my only chance. So I tried again. And again. Until I finally got moving, and moving until I hit a wall. Even I heard, the slight juggling sound. I…

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