Words on Wednesdays: Picking up the pieces

Finally, finals are over.

I missed Bahamas, Oshkosh, VA stamp collecting flights and a whole lot of fun flying. I definitely plan to change that next year.


This year has passed by at breakneck speed!


Before it is all out, I want to retrace my way back to fiction writing. As I switch gear, my mind is slowly wandering back to California, where my novel is set.


The period: 9/11 and beyond
The location: California
The protagonists: pilots, engineers, mechanics and wanna be pilots
The story? Stay tuned to find out. Or read past snapshots here

DCF 1.0

Meanwhile what I am reading now to get back into writing mode: Front Runner by Felix Francis (son of Dick Francis)

Happy Wednesday!

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    One year ago…

    Triple Crown by Felix is out. But seeing the reviews, I decided to pass…

    But plenty to do otherwise!


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