Logging Memories Part III

All snowed in for the next 36 hours…. but dreaming about that $500 Vegeburger I could have got this weekend 🙂

Fly 'n Things

In Search of the Perfect $500 Vegeburger

Looking back through my logbook, I tried to pick the best $100 (or really the $500) Vegeburger locations.  Recreational flying is so much about the $100 hamburger flying destinations. Sadly most airports (especially in the east coast) are not vegetarian friendly.  Here are my picks for the ten best places  I have flown into  for that coveted $500 Vegeburger. Some  destinations are such that the meal itself is irrelevant!

Note: Since I originally wrote this article, I have compiled a page to track all the $500 Vegeburger destinations. Check that out for the complete list of destinations.

#10: Santa Ynez (IZA): The Sideways Trail
How can I talk about $500 hamburger destination without a mention of Santa Ynez (IZA)? Tucked away between the Los Padres National Forest in the south and Los Alamos to the north, IZA holds some fond memories for…

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