Logging Memories IV: Just Like That!

Just like that 🙂

Fly 'n Things

There was a time when it was easy.

Occasionally, I loved to hop on over to the airport, either really early in the morning or later in the evening while the sun was still shinning, making it’s way down the horizon slowly, during long midsummer days, when there was plenty of sunshine in the evening.

My logbook is scattered with many Just like that’s especially when I was a brand new pilot, when I lived barely a mile away from the airport and the weather was usually good.


Those were fun times, when I hopped on an airplane with no purpose or destination in mind. Just a random flight up and down the coast: maybe to catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunset, or the beauty of the earth, or practice some landings, or make the short hop across to a nearby airport for a touch and go, or just…

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2 thoughts on “Logging Memories IV: Just Like That!

  1. Steve January 28, 2016 / 11:59 am

    Yes…my very definition of “the good ‘ole days”!

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