Bahamas:The Adventure Begins

Three years ago, I was triumphantly ruminating over my awesome adventure flying to the Bahamas!

Fly 'n Things

Race to the Sunshine State

Nothing about flying is certain. Until I am in the air, I am never sure if I will be flying that day.  Even then things could change. Especially in the northeast.

Two months ago, I had told my boss, “I might take the first week of February off, if the weather is good”. I know funny way to plan a vacation. But who knew if a blizzard was going to blow through. After all it is still February. After all it is the northeast. Just three years ago we had the back to back blizzards in early February aptly named Snowmageddon that dumped more than 2 feet of snow not once but twice in a span of 7 days.

Weather is a major factor in the flight planning step as always, but other factors can also come into play. Aircraft issues. Airspace issues (after all…

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