FOG Descends Over Dayton

A year ago….

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17 minutes to get into trouble

No, I am not talking about the thick clouds with moisture that cling close to the earth’s surface, reducing visibility 🙂


After the second annual Bahamas flyout, it was decided that we form a group and plan other fly out events. After all, pilots love to fly, and the more the merrier. Out of this, emerged the Fly Out Group (FOG). The group tentatively meets several times a year and  plans day, weekend,  and multiple day trips to select destinations of sufficient interest to group members. One such trip planned in mid April this year was a 3-day flyout to visit the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, OH.

afm0Through out the week, the weather fluctuated from 20% precipitation to 70%. With all pilots IFR rated, and at least one aircraft not legal to fly in known icing conditions, the main…

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