National Museum of the US Air Force

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The National Museum  of USAF is located in Dayton, OH, near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It boasts more than 360 aircraft on display, with exhibits spanning from the Wright Brothers to the contemporary stealth and precision technology.


The last two years, during my trip to OSH during Airventure, I planned to stop at Dayton to spend a half day at this museum. But weather, and time spoke otherwise. And I am glad. One half day doesn’t do justice to this museum, it  requires 2-3 days worth of time so you can visit the three gigantic hangers, the Presidential and R&D Galleries, Huffman Prairie where the Wright brothers conducted test flights, the Wright brothers memorial, bicycle shop and more.


The museum exhibits are organized by period ranging from the early years, World War II, Korean War, South East Asia, Cold War, Missile and Space, Presidential and R&D Galleries. Currently the…

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