It is 5/5

Fly 'n Things

Celebrating 100 Posts. Derby Day. Check-ride Anniversary. And most importantly the simply joy of flying!

May is always memorable. I got my PPL . Three years later I got my Instrument rating.

“I hope we will be done by 3:00 pm, ” said Wanda, “I wan’t to watch the Kentucky Derby”

“I hope so too,” thought I. “With positive results.” For it was the day of my PPL check-ride and I wanted to get home without a pink slip! It was also Derby Day. And getting home to watch the race would be good too… I did make it home in time to catch the race that day. That was 12 years ago!

As it happens, Derby day was yesterday this year (5/4). And my favorite was ItsMyLuckyDay. Turns out it was not really my lucky day. Both with horses and with flying. The group that had successfully made it…

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