Happy New Year

This time of the year, I can’t stop thinking of Sri.

We all miss you very much!

Fly 'n Things

Over the last several years I have come to  establish some traditions of my own: flying on New Year’s Day, 4th of July and First Flight Day i.e. Dec 17th. Be it a local flight, a scenic flight, dual flight instruction or a  simulated flight in a BATD device.

Each of the days has a distinctive significance: Dec 17th marks the momentous occasion of the first powered flight by the Wright brothers. It is a day that most pilots take to the skies to celebrate and commemorate this historical moment. 4th of July is Independence Day- a day to celebrate freedom from oppression by taking to the skies. Last but not the least is New Years Day – a day of new beginnings, a day promising a fresh start, with a clean slate. What better way to celebrate than to take to the skies?

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