Blue Ridge Airport

$500 VegeBurger

We lucked out this past weekend. I had planned a flyout to Blue Ridge Airport and the weather actually was perfect! Unfortunately the holiday weekend meant there were fewer pilots interested in the flight. But Gert and I had the aircraft reserved all day long and there were opportunities to fly, grab a vegeburger, collect stamps and maybe shoot approaches!


We set off as usual a little later than planned. I don’t remember a time I left ahead of schedule. This time, I had somehow unknowingly filed FLUKY -> HEF as opposed to HEF->FLUKY. And living inside the SFRA meant that ATC  couldn’t let us depart without a valid flight plan in place or refile the flight plan for us. This meant we had to shut off the engine, call in a new flight plan and wait the necessary few minutes for the flight plan to arrive at the tower.

The flight to MTV was a breeze! It was one of those days when the skies were clear and the winds light. There was some haze as we headed south, but a near perfect day to be out flying. We only had a brief encounter with a few puffs, and arrived half an hour later than planned at Blue Ridge Airport. Susan and Dave just made it a few minutes ahead of us.


Simply Suzanne’s Cafe is on the field and is perfect for that burger and fries option. They have a few vegetarian options, if you are vegetarian like me. We were glad to have the company of Susan and Dave, who could fly down after all. This was great, since they had excellent advice for us, in our pursuit of  VA Ambassador stamp collection at the nearby airports.

All in all, a long day filled with lots of fun flying and adventures. Stay tuned for more fun from this trip…


Blue Ridge Airport
Simply Suzanne’s Cafe

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