Air Venture Day 1 — Oh, I See

Wish I was there…

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A Sun Burn and TremendousAwesomeness

Well, day 1 of my first ever experience of Air Venture in Oshkosh Wisconsin is behind me. However, very present in my mind is the sunburn on my lower legs and tops of my arms. Before the trip I researched and purchased a Canadian hat to shield me from the sun, wild beasts, and attack ninjas. I now realize I may have subconsciously assumed the hat contained magical powers which it most certainly does not. Also swirling ever-present in my head is the myriad of airplanes that were on display. Yeah, I’d read the statistics, but those numbers aren’t the same as walking past rows and endless rows of meticulously maintained warbirds.


Planes you thought were few in existence. Conversely, Air Venture gives you the opportunity to see planes that are rare and even understood extinct—until one is found in a basement. (pic of Wright…

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