An Oshkosh Morning

Fly 'n Things

oshmorn2This year, it was all about the journey. All though we had planned a full 2.5 days in Oshkosh, we got barely a day due to all the weather delays we experienced. Considering the short time we had, I took it easy. Only taking in the two air shows, catching up with old and new friends, but mostly in a daze 🙂

collage1One happy change I noticed this year was Food. Yes! A few more Vegetarian food choices in the international food court. No need to stock up on energy bars next time!

Osh8What’s our number?

osh6oshdep1“High wing left side, cleared for Takeoff 27”

oshdep2.Goodbye, OSH until next time!

Acknowledgements: Departure photos courtesy M. Ramesh.

Read all about the Oshkosh Adventures here… All Airways Lead to OSH

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