Jessica Cox – The world’s first licensed Armless Pilot.

Cockpit Voice

She says.. “I was born, without arms and with all that I have been able to do without them, I can honestly say that today  if given the choice, 

I would not want the arms”.

The Philippino American born without arms due to a rare birth defect in 1983 in Arizona (U.S) is 33 years old now.  She is also the first armless Black belt earner at the age of 14 and is an excellent sea surfer.

Jessica says  “I was born without arms and despite that challenge, managed to live a full life – I am able to dress myself, eat by myself, drive a car on my own, engage in sports and martial arts, run my own business, and enjoy a wonderful marriage to my husband, Patrick. I am able to do the necessary activities of daily life and even typing out my blog with just my feet”.


She attained…

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