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O’ the joy of solo flying!

2 years ago….

Fly 'n Things

Lately most of my flying has always been with a co-pilot. Don’t get me wrong, It is a lot of fun to have a co-pilot. And definitely makes flying easier when there is someone to help with the navigation, communication, finding traffic and airport environment, as well as, keeping you on top of things so you don’t forget.

osh23Now and then, I like to slip away and fly solo. This is not only useful to keep me completely engaged and not become reliant on another pilot, but also I find, extremely fun.

During our recent stamp collecting flight, although I had hoped to fly solo, I did end up taking a co-pilot. But during the final leg during our return from Orange County airport back home, I did fly solo 🙂

The weather that day, was unexpected. Overcast skies and marginal weather. It totally messed our plans to Fly…

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