No Niagara, Again :(

I am glad I followed my gut and flew to Niagara in August. As it happens the group wanted to fly first weekend in October which as it happens was a washout!

No Niagara Again? NOT!

Fly 'n Things

This has been the most elusive flyout ever! This is the fourth year in a row, that I’ve planned an October flight to Niagara Falls, that got washed out!

The first year, we went to Williamsburg, second year to Tangier again. Third year, I was bummed, but ended up attending the Rusty IFR Pilot Refresher and promised myself I wouldn’t plan an October flight to Niagara Falls!


Once bitten twice shy is a well known saying.
Twice bitten, still not shy. It seems, I haven’t learned my lesson.
Thrice bitten,  I have learned my lesson, I hope
Four times, it’s a shame, I haven’t learned my lesson!

This year, yet again I planned another October flight to Niagara Falls. It’s fall and the most gorgeous time of the year to plan such a flight. Having driven there several times, Niagara Falls tends to be a busy tourist place…

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